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Self-help options for tinnitus.

Talk to your friends and family

sharing how you’re feeling can really help family and friends to understand how your tinnitus affects you, and how they can support you if you’re finding things difficult.


Relaxation techniques

A regular relaxation routine can help to reduce stress levels.


Breathing exercises

Breathing techniques help manage tinnitus as they stimulate the body’s relaxation response, bringing a sense of calm.



Mindfulness is a simple form of meditation that involves paying more attention to the present moment. Many people with tinnitus try this, but it’s important to remember that the aim of mindfulness for tinnitus isn’t to make it go away, but to find it less intrusive.


Sound enrichment

People with tinnitus often find listening to a constant sound can help distract the brain from paying attention to tinnitus. Options vary from simply increasing environmental sounds such as opening a window, having the radio on or listening to music, to using specific devices or apps that are designed for sound enrichment.

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